Listen to ‘A Psychic Wound’



Listen to ‘A Psychic Wound’

We’re not resting! Just 48 hours after the release of Feast of Tongues, we’ve followed up with another new song, in the form of A Psychic Wound. Some of you may be familiar with the song from when we played it for the first time in front of 3,000 of you at our huge Troxy show in February. Now you all get to experience that night in the song’s music video.


“I try to forget it/ It comes back to me/ Tied to the pulse of the sea”. That massive lyrical anchor that sits at the bottom of the anthemic chorus of A Psychic Wound, the second single from UK emo greats Los Campesinos!’ seventh album All Hell, will immediately conjure familiarity for longtime LC! fans. It’s impossible to hear any sort of oceanic imagery from Gareth’s lips without thinking of the devastating fan favourite The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future from the band’s sweeping third LP Romance Is Boring. Similar to that song and true to its own title, A Psychic Woundfeels searing in its emotional evisceration, every lyrical turn of phrase leaving a lasting impression. As a longtime fan of Los Campesinos! and the musical world they’ve fostered through immense influence, there has always proved limitless appeal in their melding of deeply felt melodicism—an alchemical combination of indie-pop’s inventiveness and the reflective intensity of emo—and lyrical expressions that, even at their most seemingly obtuse, slot into your life’s experiences like perfectly arranged tetraminos. So A Psychic Wound is one of many moments on All Hell in which the Los Campesinos! experience is all-gas-no-brakes, a thrilling rush that makes you grateful for their return as well as for the complicated beauty of life itself.” Larry Fitzmaurice