Listen to ‘Feast of Tongues’



Listen to ‘Feast of Tongues’

Feast of Tongues is the first song to be released from the forthcoming Los Campesinos! album, All Hell, and the band’s first new music since 2017.


“The first single from UK indie-emo greats Los Campesinos!’ seventh album All Hell is an extremely welcome return for one of the most influential and beloved rock bands of the last 20 years. Across the long arc of their career, Los Camp! have pulled off the incredible balancing act of always sounding like themselves while showcasing an impressive do-anything sense of range; it’s music that is nourishing and highly surprising, a knockout combination that marks the soaring sound of Feast of Tongues. Even as the anthemic swoon of the song recalls contemporaries like Foxing and Manchester Orchestra (rubbing up against a surprising lyrical namecheck of late indie rock heroes Silver Jews’ canonical album American Water, no less), longtime fans will likely recall the full-throated energy of 2010’s Romance Is Boring in Feast of Tongues’ huge, building surge—which captures dramatic strings and gangland backing vocals in its awesome pull. Gareth’s lyricism is as incisive and instantly memorable as ever, with lines like “She says the body is keeping score/Lost in sudden death, she can’t take it no more” finding dark humour in the very nature of surviving modern life. Almost maddeningly, Tongues builds to the type of all-in-it crescendo that you could listen to for hours on end—a satisfying finish that leaves you wanting more, because why wouldn’t you?” – Larry Fitzmaurice